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What are 3D e-commerce experiences?

3D e-commerce experiences are interactive three-dimensional product worlds which can be used on websites, online shops, in terminals or as an app.  On that base the user can virtually view and configure products.

Interactive virtual 3D products can be looked at from any perspective. You can even select different versions of the product, with color or features. Moreover, configurations and sections of the products can be visualized.

Why us as a partner for 3D e-commerce experiences?

VISORIC creates individual interactive product visualizations which perfectly fits your company and products. You have free choice with us. No matter if you wish to have an interactive product experience on the base of a 3D scan, a 3D product modeling, a CAD conversion or a product photography – you’ll always get fascinating interactive visualizations with experiential value from us.

Take advantage of our creativity, our longstanding expertise in developing digital experience worlds and our knowledge. We are always keen on researching the current state within the fields of new media, technology and 3D worlds.

We are pleased to create and realize with you the best process for your interactive product experience. Our aim is to offer you a great added value for a good price.

How to create 3D e-commerce experiences?

We build our interactive product visualizations upon the implementation of digital 3D product models into a real time 3D framework (e.g. with WebGL and HTML5) or through the control of a series of single images (which show the product from all directions) with HTML5 programming.

For creating your 3D/360° product visualizations we offer you a range of possibilities. We can model your products precisely as 3D model based on your sketches or pictures. We can design a photorealistic 3D model based on your construction data. We could even use our 3D scan and 360° product photography technique to get a digital three-dimensional product visualization.

The advantages of 3D e-commerce experiences

  • Products can be rotated and turned freely as if you would hold it in your hands in a salesroom of a shop – just without rental and storage costs – 24 hours per day.
  • More sales in shorter time and less returns due to your online shop with a virtual showroom.
  • Interactive 3D visualizations enable a realistic product experience even before the production has started. Reduced risk of wrong development.
  • Very big and very small products can be experienced impressively within an interactive product visualization.
  • Show your full range of products as photorealistic interactive 3D visualization without the risk of non-sale!
  • Extended reality through product cuts and animations which visually communicate the uniqueness of your products.
  • Interactive 3D configuration integrate the customer into the design process of your products. Increases customer loyalty and reduces the risk of wrong development.

Possibilities of 3D product visualizations

  • 3D modeling

    3D modeling as base of interactive product visualization is always the first choice if you don’t have a physical product yet, no CAD data or the product is “unhandy” for a photo studio. We model in the shortest time possible fascinating, photo realistic and three-dimensional models of your products.

  • CAD data conversion and processing

    On the base of your construction data we create an interactive photo realistic 3D product experience for you even a long time before your production is starting. In all color and product versions if you wish.

  • 3D scan

    You have small products and would like to move them completely freely in a virtual room? Then our 3D scan could be interesting for you.

  • 360° product photography

    You want to get an interactive product experience from photos? We take horizontal and vertical shots for you if you wish. The number of pictures and the setting is your choice. We are happy to consult you as well.

Outstanding features of our interactive product experiences:

  • 360° free rotation in all directions

    With our photorealistic digital 3D products you and your customer will enjoy the full “freedom of movement” in a digital space. With our visualizations you’re free to move your products horizontally and vertically.

  • Extended reality – Offer tours into your product

    Within our virtual 3D showrooms almost everything is possible. We show big products as handy small ones or the other way round. Visualize with our 3D animations the composition and structure of your products and convince your customers!

  • Automated modular 3D product visualization

    Demonstrate variants easier as ever before! Show your clients your full range of products in every version and color. We’ve developed 3D processes which enable this as simple and cost-efficient as possible. Talk to us.

  • Closer to the customer with 3D product configuration

    Let your customer configure their own products. Use our 3D product experience as direct channel to your customer. Get to know which color and material combination your target group is really looking for. Promote your customer loyalty.

  • Access to your online shop and implementation into your business process

    We don’t build islands but offer solutions which can be easily implemented into your applications. We also take care about the extension or full development of your shop system with interactive product visualization.



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