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What is a Visual Story / what is a Newsgame?

Visual Stories are interactive visual information experiences for online and app magazines. In Visual Stories information is not displayed in a static way. It is more like an individual interactive experience for the media consumer.

Newsgames are informational experiences that use the construction of computer games to anchors information about emotional levels to the reader / player.

Why us as a partner for the production of Visual Stories and Newsgames?

Telling stories with interactive media is our passion and we are pleased to share this fascination with you.

Discover with us the fascinating possibilities of Visual Stories and Newsgames. Since 2010 VISORIC has been producing Visual Stories to diverse topics for major news magazines.

How to create Visual Stories and Newsgames?

For a Visual Story and Newsgames we model and program digital and interactive 2D experiences and 3D worlds in which the reader can immerse and interact.

Together with your high-quality editorial content we’ll transform your online articles and app magazine into impressive, interactive and visual experiences.

What are the advantages of using Visual Stories and Newsgames?

  • Visual Stories and Newsgames create interactive added value for your readers
  • Visual Stories and Newsgames are performance features to stand out from the competition with your service
  • Visual Stories and Newsgames will bring more visitors to your website
  • Visual Stories and Newsgames you’ll increase the sales figures of your digital magazine
  • With Visual Stories and Newsgames you’ll increase the length of the readers stay on you website
  • With Visual Stories and Newsgames you’ll gain clients for online article payment models

Media experiences for visual storytelling with interactive media

  • Interactive 3D models

    Interactive 3D models offer exciting opportunities for telling stories with interactive media. Our team can visualize almost everything in 3D from nanoparticles to ocean giants. Our interactive models can be rotated in any direction and discovered on screen or touchscreen.

  • 2D animations and photo morphs

    Interactive 2D animations within Visual Stories are quite popular to explain facts in a fast and efficient way. Photo morphs are ideal to visualize changes over time and to demonstrate it literally in front of the eye.

  • 360° panorama photos

    360° panorama photos show the world how it is – all around. Our brilliant HDR panorama pictures are an interactive highlight within a Visual Story. They are especially suitable if you want to capture a real place as experience. Therefore you have the possibility to take the reader virtually back in time to that place.

  • Interactive 360° 3D spaces

    Interactive 360° 3D spaces can place the viewer in any location of reality or phantasy. Our 3D experts have created a lot from a designer kitchen to the Star Wars Hangar as 360° 3D experience and are looking forward to new challenges.

  • Interactive 360° videos

    Interactive 360° videos are essential for impressive Visual Stories and can be produced as 360° live action or as 360° 3D animation within a virtual room from our team- On top of that we are able to compose live action with animation films what we’ve successfully proven in several TV productions.

This is how we transform your information into fascinating interactive experiences

  • Research and conception

    Our team has many years of experience in collaboration with news departments and TV channels. Before we transform a topic into an interactive story we always research the visual issues in a detailed manner. If you wish we work closely with your team together.

  • 3D design, 2D motion graphic and 2D/ 3D animation

    In the virtual space of your computers we create any kind of graphic in any complexity and form: From comic style to photo realism, from simple photo morphs to extensive 3D animation in a physical correct 3D world.

  • 360° shooting – on land, under water or in the air

    To create fascinating digital experiences we use traditional as well as the newest technology with the appropriate experts. We are always in the search of exciting and new possibilities like 360° photography and 360° films. We produce for you in all elements – on land, under water or in the air.

  • Music and sound design for 360° experiences

    Interactive visual experiences are even more impressive if the music, the sound and the audio effects works interactively as well. With our partners for music and sound design we’ve developed a mechanism for creating high-quality acoustic spheres. Therefore we can set the right sound for interactive 360° productions of all kinds, e.g. 360° films and 360° 3D animations.

  • Programming and implementation

    Take advantage of our long-lasting experience in programming sophisticated and interactive experiences. We love to create responsive products which can be used in many ways, work on all platforms and are fun. Whether as app, web application or installation on a fair – our masters of coding are looking forward to creating fascination for you.



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