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Augmented Reality (AR) for Business

Unlock the power of Augmented Reality (AR) and enter a new era of interactivity. AR is changing the way businesses interact with their customers, optimize internal processes, and showcase products:

  • Revolutionize customer interactions with interactive, immersive product demonstrations
  • Create more effective and memorable training and development programs
  • Enhance and expedite internal processes through AR-powered solutions

Let us assist you in exploring this potential.

What is Augmented Reality / AR?

Augmented reality, also known as “augmented reality”, is a technology that inserts digital information – such as images, texts or animations – into the real world. Think of it as a filter that is placed over your surroundings and provides additional information.

The beauty of AR lies in its versatility and adaptability. No matter what industry you’re in – from retail and hospitality to manufacturing and healthcare – there’s an AR solution that’s tailored to your specific needs. And the best part? You don’t need to be a technical genius to use it.

For entrepreneurs, AR offers a wealth of possibilities. It can help present products and services in a completely new and interactive way that excites customers. It can improve internal communication and training by presenting complicated information in an easy-to-understand and engaging way. It can even help streamline processes and increase efficiency.

Discover how augmented reality can transform your business. At Visoric, we understand that implementing new, immersive 3D technologies requires more than just using cutting-edge tools. It’s about sustainability and creating real value for your business. For over 14 years, renowned companies such as BMW, Audi and Siemens have relied on our expertise. We accompany you on the path to digitalisation and ensure that the technology supports your business goals and helps you take your company to the next level.

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Advantages of augmented reality for companies

Increased efficiency and productivity

Augmented reality (AR) can revolutionise your workflow and increase your company’s productivity. Whether it’s training employees, solving complex tasks or understanding complicated data, AR provides you with interactive, 3D visualisations that make learning and working more efficient and effective.

Augmented customer interaction

With augmented reality, you can offer your customers an unprecedented experience. AR allows you to visualise products in a real environment, so your customers can better understand and experience the product. This improves customer satisfaction and increases sales opportunities.

Cost savings through virtual prototypes

AR enables the creation of virtual prototypes that reduce the need for physical models. By being able to optimise and adapt products or processes virtually, companies can save resources while achieving faster time to market.

Better decision making

Augmented reality allows you to present data in a way that is easy to understand and interactive. This facilitates decision-making by making complex information visualised and easily accessible. AR can be an effective support in solving complex problems and developing strategic plans.

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Where does Augmented Reality (AR) come into play for companies?

AR for the Product Development Process

Applications of AR in Product Development and Design

  1. Product Visualization and Optimization: With AR, product developers can visualize and adjust their designs in a real environment to make better design decisions and take into account customer feedback.
  2. Simulation and Testing: AR allows products to be simulated under real conditions to test their performance and identify possible improvements.

Benefits of AR for Product Development

  1. Accelerated Product Development: AR reduces development times as design changes can be quickly visualized and implemented.
  2. Savings: AR reduces the need for physical prototypes and allows for early corrections, leading to cost savings.
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AR for Training and Maintenance

Applications of AR in Training and Maintenance

  1. Interactive Training: AR enables interactive and immersive training, accelerating learning and improving employee engagement.
  2. Maintenance Guidance: With AR, technicians can visualize maintenance procedures and receive real-time instructions, improving efficiency and safety.

Benefits of AR for Training and Maintenance

  1. Improved Performance: AR leads to better personnel performance by simplifying complex processes and enhancing employee understanding.
  2. Time and Cost Savings: AR reduces training and maintenance times, leading to cost savings.
Augmented Reality Lösungen für Unternehmen | Visoric GmbH

AR for Sales and Marketing

Applications of AR in Sales and Marketing

  1. Product Demonstrations: AR enables realistic and interactive product demonstrations that excite customers and enhance understanding of the products.
  2. Interactive Advertising Campaigns: With AR, companies can carry out innovative advertising campaigns that increase customer engagement and brand awareness.

Benefits of AR for Sales and Marketing

  1. Increase in Sales: AR improves customer engagement and boosts sales by providing a unique shopping experience.
  2. Competitive Advantage: AR provides a competitive advantage by allowing companies to stand out from the competition.

In these three areas – product development, training and maintenance, sales and marketing – Visoric’s AR provides valuable solutions to improve efficiency, performance and the customer experience.

User Story

The Transformation of a Furniture Manufacturer through Augmented Reality

A day in the life of Julia, an innovative furniture designer, radically changed when she discovered the power of Augmented Reality (AR). In an industry dominated by traditional design approaches, Julia had a visionary idea: she wanted to use AR to provide her customers with a unique experience. And so, she found the Augmented Reality solutions from Visoric. Julia did not have a technical background, but with the support of the Visoric team, she was able to successfully import her design ideas into the AR environment. What happened next was breathtaking: Her furniture designs came to life in the real world!

In the AR studio, Julia could place her furniture in real environments and view her designs from every angle. With AR, she created impressive presentations that significantly increased the sale of her furniture.

But Julia wanted to take it a step further: she dreamt of actively involving her customers in the design process. With AR technology, she enabled her customers to visualize and personalize her furniture in their own homes. It was as if Julia had built a bridge between her design vision and the reality of her customers.

User Story

The Exciting Journey of an Automaker to Augmented Reality

One day, in the lively workshop of Thomas, a visionary automotive engineer, the use of Augmented Reality (AR) became a turning point in his career. In an industry marked by constant challenges and innovations, Thomas wanted to leverage AR to revolutionize the vehicle development process. Through Visoric, he discovered the possibilities of AR technology. Despite lacking prior knowledge, Thomas managed to transport his complex vehicle models into the AR world with the help of the Visoric team. The result was nothing short of spectacular: His vehicle designs became visible in the real environment!

With AR, Thomas could view his vehicle models at a 1:1 scale and analyze all details up close. This technique allowed him to detect and correct design errors at an early stage, improving the quality of his vehicles and saving costs.

But that was just the beginning: Thomas used AR to create interactive presentations for customers and stakeholders. The ability to visualize new vehicle models in a real environment excited his customers and put his company at the forefront of the automotive industry.

User Story

Sophia’s Augmented Reality Adventure in the Real Estate World

In the hectic world of Sophia, an ambitious real estate developer, the path to Augmented Reality (AR) led to a remarkable shift in her business strategy. In a market dominated by intense competition, Sophia had the brilliant idea to use AR to revolutionize real estate presentations. That’s when she came across the AR solutions from Visoric. Although Sophia initially had little technical knowledge, she was able to embed her real estate projects into an AR environment with the support of the Visoric team. The result was fascinating: Her real estate projects took shape in the rooms of her customers!

In the AR studio, Sophia could enable virtual house tours in real-time and show her real estate projects from every angle. With the help of AR, she created impressive and interactive presentations that boosted her property sales figures.

But Sophia had bigger plans: She wanted to give her customers the ability to personalize their future apartments or homes. With AR, her customers could visualize and try out various design options in their own four walls. It was as if Sophia had given her customers a key to designing their dream properties.

How to GO NEXT.

We are your professional partner for Augmented Reality solutions for businesses.

  1. Consultation: We identify your company’s AR requirements and advise you on the best solutions.
  2. Implementation: We develop and implement tailor-made AR solutions that are perfectly aligned with your business goals.
  3. Support: We provide ongoing support and updates to ensure that your AR solutions are always up-to-date and functioning optimally.

With us at your side, you can be sure that you are fully harnessing the potential of AR technology.

What can you expect in the demo?

  • Illustrative Examples: In the demo, we will show you specifically how Augmented Reality can be used in your company. You will see realistic use cases and get a feel for how AR can transform your business.
  • Interactive Experience: You will have the opportunity to try out AR for yourself. By directly experiencing it, you can better understand the benefits of Augmented Reality and see how it fits with your company.
  • Personalized Consultation: As part of the demo, we will discuss your specific requirements and goals and advise you on how Augmented Reality can support you. This includes both technical details and strategic considerations.

FAQs about Augmented Reality for Businesses

Which company can develop apps for AR devices like the Magic Leap2, HoloLens, and Apple Vision Pro?

Visoric GmbH from Munich is a company that specializes in developing applications for AR devices such as Magic Leap2, HoloLens and Apple Vision Pro. They have extensive experience and expertise in creating customized augmented reality solutions.

How can developers create enterprise applications for Apple Vision Pro?

Apple offers developers various tools for creating apps for the AR headset. It is even possible to quickly convert existing apps into new AR apps. In addition, Apple plans to let other companies such as Microsoft offer their apps on Vision Pro, which makes integration into existing company processes easier.

What security features does Apple Vision Pro offer for enterprise data?

The Vision Pro uses a technology called Optic ID, which scans the user's iris and uses it for authentication. According to Apple, the iris biometric data is fully encrypted, not accessible by apps, and never leaves the device, ensuring a high standard of data protection.

What enterprise applications does Apple Vision Pro support?

The headset can be used with many popular enterprise applications such as Facetime and Zoom, making it a useful tool for remote meetings and collaboration. In addition, the device can be paired with a Mac to work with virtual screens, which can increase productivity and flexibility in the office or home office.

How can Apple Vision Pro be used in an enterprise environment?

Apple Vision Pro can be used in a variety of ways in a corporate environment, for example for employee training, product visualization, remote maintenance or for improved customer interactions. By integrating AR into everyday work, complex tasks can be visualized and processes optimized.

Is the Apple Vision Pro an AR headset for enterprise use?

Yes, the Apple Vision Pro is an augmented reality headset designed for both personal and enterprise use. With features like support for common enterprise applications, the ability to use virtual screens for work, and strong security features, it's well-suited to improve productivity and collaboration in a corporate environment.

Can I use my existing CAD data for AR?

Yes, existing CAD data can often be used for AR directly or after conversion

How secure is my data when using AR?

As with any technology, data security is critical. Visoric places great emphasis on secure data handling and compliance with data protection regulations.

Is my existing hardware compatible with AR?

Many AR applications can run on common smartphones and tablets. However, specific applications or advanced features may require specialized hardware.

How can I train my employees to use AR?

There are several options for training, from e-learning courses to in-person training by AR experts. Visoric also offers support for the introduction and training of employees.

How expensive is it to implement AR in my business?

The cost of AR can vary widely depending on the specific requirements, the complexity of the project and the hardware needed. An individual consultation is the best way to get an accurate cost estimate.

How complex is the implementation of AR?

The complexity of the implementation depends on the specific requirements and goals. With the right expertise and support, as provided by Visoric, the process can be made efficient and seamless.

What types of AR content can I create?

From 3D models to interactive tutorials and training to advanced product visualizations, the possibilities are virtually endless.

In which industries is augmented reality used?

AR is used in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, construction, healthcare, retail, education, and entertainment.

How can augmented reality help my business?

AR can be used in many areas: from product development and production to training and maintenance, marketing and sales. It can help optimize processes, reduce costs and improve the customer experience.

What devices do I need for augmented reality?

There are a variety of devices that are suitable for augmented reality (AR). These range from smartphones and tablets to special AR glasses such as the Magic Leap 2 from Magic Leap or the HoloLens from Microsoft. Furthermore, Apple is expected to launch the Vision Pro Mixed Reality headset in spring 2024. In addition, there are also some VR headsets with AR functionality, such as the Meta Quest Pro and the Pico Neo 4.

How does augmented reality work?

AR uses camera and sensor data from devices such as smartphones, tablets or special AR glasses to integrate virtual objects into the real environment in real time.

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality (AR) is a technology that inserts digital information or representations into the real world. It therefore extends our physical reality with virtual elements.

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