Unlock the Industrial Metaverse: Potential for Your Company

  • We transform your concepts and CAD data into immersive, interactive 3D experience spaces.

3D E-Bike Showroom: Digital Twins in the Virtual and Real World

This project introduces our metaverse application for companies in the E-Bike Mobility sector. We use the VISORIC GmbH Bicycle Configurator on the XR Stager Cloud Solution Platform. The result is a fusion of gamification, configuration, artificial intelligence, 3D, and augmented reality for real-world applications.

  • E-Bike Configuration: Choose the design for your new E-Bike in the virtual showroom or create your individual frame design with the integrated AI Design Generator.
  • Test Ride: Test your individually designed bicycle on virtual mountain bike trails.
  • Real-World Output: Bring your virtual E-Bike design to reality. Experience it in 3D and stereo on various platforms, whether via modern mixed reality headsets like Magic Leap 2 or Apple Version Pro, or without a headset using our app for stereo laptops.

Leveraging the Industrial Metaverse for Mechanical Engineering.

For companies in mechanical engineering, the industrial metaverse opens up opportunities to maximize efficiency and productivity. Detailed 3D simulations of machine-controlled processes can precisely plan workflows, risk analyses, and identify areas of improvement. We transform your CAD data and concepts into immersive, interactive 3D experience spaces that authentically represent virtual factories and machine processes.

  • Machine-driven Processes: With the help of 3D simulations of machine-driven processes, mechanical engineering companies can optimize production processes in advance to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Virtual Factories: By virtually replicating factories and production lines, companies can flexibly model their production processes, identify potential risks, and improve operational workflows.
  • Interactive 3D Experience Spaces: The transformation of your concepts and CAD data into interactive 3D experience spaces allows you to test innovative ideas in a realistic environment. Use the industrial metaverse as an effective tool for product development, prototyping, and training.

Award-winning Milestone in Automotive Marketing: The Virtual Showroom

In collaboration with the Brose Group, we, Visoric, developed an award-winning virtual showroom. This innovative platform combines cutting-edge technology with interactive customer engagement.

This innovative approach allows for a profound understanding of products and enhances brand experience, ultimately leading to increased customer loyalty.

  • Virtual Showroom: : In this interactive 3D environment, customers can explore and experience Brose’s comprehensive product portfolio.
  • Interactive Product Experience: Visitors can explore individual products as well as their use in larger installations, such as in a virtual car, in detail.
  • Award-winning Marketing Tool: : The virtual showroom was recognized for its innovative fusion of technology and customer interaction, setting new standards in automotive marketing.

3D Asset Management: Time- and Cost-Efficient Solutions – Award Winning Innovation.

Our company, Visoric, in collaboration with the Brose Group, developed an innovative 3D asset management system. This powerful asset library provides the foundation for a wide range of applications, including a virtual showroom, immersive mixed-reality experiences, sales materials, and much more.

This innovative solution not only optimizes content creation and management but also ensures stronger brand consistency, thus improving the overall brand experience.

  • Efficient Asset Management: The system led to significant cost savings in the area of marketing content, saving more than 500,000 € over two years.
  • Accelerated Content Production: Promotional videos can now be produced in 4-6 weeks instead of 4-6 months, while high-resolution 2D assets can be produced 7x faster.
  • Brand Consistency: The use of the asset library ensures consistent brand representation.
  • Recognized Solution: The system is acknowledged for its economic benefits and user-friendliness.

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