Interactive 3D Presentations as Multi-Touch, VR, or AR Experience

  • We bring your concepts and CAD data to life through interactive 3D experiences.

Interactive 3D Presentations – The Future of Product Visualization with Magic Leap 2

With our 3D Augmented Reality Cloud Service for the Mixed Reality Headset Magic Leap 2, Visoric revolutionizes product visualization. Our service allows companies to display their digital products, processes, and systems without technical barriers in real space. Use the capabilities of the XR Stager® to upload, configure, and create materials and textures – all with simple application and without the need for a supercomputer.

  • Interactive 3D Experiences: With our cloud service, you can create realistic representations of your digital 3D products with the Magic Leap 2 headset.
  • Easy Application: Our service is user-friendly and operates without installation and a supercomputer. You can log into the cloud from anywhere via a web browser and access your digital products.
  • Flexibility and Collaboration: Use the XR Stager platform to configure products, create materials and textures, and share your configurations worldwide with colleagues through a simple QR code.

Award-Winning Innovation in Automotive Marketing: A Partnership between Visoric and Brose

Our partnership with the Brose Group, the fourth-largest family-owned automotive supplier in the world, led to the development of a revolutionary 3D digital asset library. This award-winning project, involving 5 Brose employees and 12 from Visoric, optimized the content creation process, reduced costs, and increased customer engagement.

  • Challenge: Development of an accessible, comprehensive 3D digital product catalog that revolutionizes marketing and sales processes and improves the customer experience.
  • Solution: By implementing a specialized 3D pipeline developed by Visoric on the Unity platform, a 3D digital asset library was created that can be used for numerous applications, including a virtual showroom and immersive mixed reality experiences.
  • Team and Award: The successful project was honored with the prestigious German Idea Management Prize, further evidence of the innovative strength and commitment of our team.

Interactive 3D Exploded View: Fascination of Technology without Destruction

Our interactive 3D exploded view opens a new dimension of technological experience, which is displayed either in AR or VR headsets, on the 3D Holographic Display Looking Glass, or on our Proto Hologram. This immersive experience allows insights into the internal structures and functions of products without destroying them. Thus, actual sizes and physical boundaries are maintained, while at the same time offering a fascinating representation that is hardly achievable in the real world.

  • Immersive Experience: Experience technology in a new dimension through AR, VR, and holographic displays.
  • Insights Without Destruction: The 3D exploded view allows recognition of the inner structures and functions of products without destroying them.
  • True-to-Life Sizes and Physical Boundaries: We ensure that the displays correspond to the actual sizes and physical boundaries of the products, providing an authentic yet impressive experience.

Driving Simulator and Augmented Reality in Vehicle Development – A Step into the Future

The combination of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality paves the way for the future of vehicle development.
Together with BMW AG and P+Z Engineering, we developed an innovative Virtual Reality driving simulator and an enhanced Head-up Display (HUD) technology. With our technology, significant time and cost savings were achieved.

  • VR Driving Simulator: Flexible implementation and testing of different driving scenarios using an editor.
  • Enhanced HUDs: Augmented Reality objects were implemented and tested in real-time to improve HUD performance.
  • Cost and Time Efficiency: By utilizing virtual 3D spaces, complex simulations could be conducted faster and more cost-effectively.

AI-Supported 3D Augmented Reality Experience for Presenting Security Features on Banknotes

This project demonstrates our commitment to effectively using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in product presentation.
For our client G+D Currency Technology, we developed an impressive real-time 3D Augmented Reality experience. The latest security features for banknotes were presented in a unique and appealing manner.

  • 3D Augmented Reality Experience: A 3D animated gecko playfully narrates the story and special features of the security elements.
  • AI Support: A feature we developed with AI enables dynamic interaction between two sample banknotes.
  • Impressive Presentation: With this innovative approach, we have elevated the presentation of security features to a new level.

3D Augmented Reality App for Visualizing Prefabricated Houses

This project illustrates our commitment to using cutting-edge technologies to revolutionize product presentation and customer experience.
For our client Hanse Haus, we developed an innovative Augmented Reality app that allows potential buyers to experience the prefabricated houses in a virtual 3D world.

  • 3D Home Experiences: Ten online and offline configurable prefabricated houses provide a versatile and lifelike experience.
  • Augmented Reality Application: The app enables users to dive into the 3D world and visualize their housing dreams in a new and emotional way.
  • Interactive Configuration: Users can customize their desires individually, shaping their ideal prefab houses.

3D-Augmented-Reality User Experience for GEA Farm Technologies

This project showcases our commitment to utilizing innovative technologies to elevate our client’s product communication to a new level.

With the aim of vividly and effectively explaining the client’s invisible USP, we developed a unique 3D-Augmented-Reality User Experience.

  • 3D X-ray View: A monitor mounted on rails displays the live image of the product combined with a 3D X-ray view, making complex product structures transparent.
  • Real-time 3D Animation: The use of cutting-edge real-time 3D animation ensures a perspective-correct effect at all times.
  • Innovative Gaming Technology: By employing innovative gaming technology, an interactive and immersive user experience was achieved.

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