Interactive 3D Presentations as Multi-Touch, VR, or AR Experience

  • We bring your concepts and CAD data to life through interactive 3D experiences.

Visoric and Magic Leap: Next-Level 3D Visualizations in Mixed Reality

Visoric’s collaboration with Magic Leap introduces a transformative 3D Augmented Reality Cloud Service for the Magic Leap 2 headset, revolutionizing how digital products are visualized and interacted with in real space.

  • Interactive 3D Experiences: Our service enables realistic 3D representations of digital products using Magic Leap 2.
  • Collaborative and Flexible: Utilize XR Stager® for creating and sharing product configurations and materials globally with simple QR code technology.

This partnership marks a significant advancement in 3D product visualization, offering unmatched interactivity and accessibility.

Visoric and Siemens: 3D XR and AI Innovation at SPS 2023

At SPS 2023, Visoric’s pioneering 3D-XR application, developed in collaboration with Siemens, used 3D model tracking and Augmented Reality to enhance the presentation of Siemens’ technologies.

  • Challenge: Create an interactive 3D application for Siemens’ complex products at SPS 2023.
  • Solution: Visoric’s 3D-XR application combined advanced technologies to transform Siemens’ product presentation and understanding.
  • Outcome: The project, demonstrating the power of XR in Industry 4.0, significantly improved customer engagement and understanding.

This collaboration showcased the potential of XR and AI in enhancing industrial product presentations and visitor interactions.

Visoric Display and Headset Solution: Photorealistic 3D Real-Time Experiences

Visoric’s XR Server and XR Viewer Solution enables photorealistic, interactive 3D presentations of products and processes on a wide range of devices.

  • MR- and VR- Headset Support: Compatible with Magic Leap 2, Apple Vision Pro, Meta Quest 3, and more.
  • Holographic Display Compatibility: Works with Proto M, Proto Epic, The Looking Glass, and others.
  • 3D Asset Management: Manage digital twins and configurations across devices using XR Stager®.
  • Global Collaboration: XR Stager® facilitates real-time teamwork across various hardware platforms.

This solution offers an unmatched level of realism and interactivity for 3D presentations across all modern AR, VR, and MR devices.

Visoric and BMW: Pioneering VR and AR in Vehicle Development

In partnership with BMW AG and P+Z Engineering, Visoric developed a cutting-edge Virtual Reality driving simulator and advanced Head-up Display (HUD) technology, leading to significant time and cost savings in vehicle development.

  • VR Driving Simulator: Enables flexible testing of various driving scenarios.
  • Enhanced HUDs: Real-time implementation and testing of Augmented Reality objects to improve HUD performance.
  • Efficiency Gains: Virtual 3D spaces facilitate faster, more cost-effective complex simulations.

This collaboration showcases the transformative potential of VR and AR technologies in modern vehicle development.

Visoric and G+D Currency Technology: AI-Enhanced 3D AR for Banknote Security Features

Visoric, in collaboration with G+D Currency Technology, developed an innovative real-time 3D Augmented Reality experience to present the latest security features of banknotes in a unique and engaging way.

  • 3D AR Experience: Features a 3D animated gecko showcasing the security elements in a narrative format.
  • AI Integration: Enables dynamic interaction between sample banknotes through AI technology.
  • Enhanced Presentation: This approach has significantly improved the way security features are demonstrated.

This project exemplifies the effective use of AI and AR in enhancing product presentations.

Visoric and Hanse Haus: Augmented Reality App for Prefab House Visualization

Visoric’s collaboration with Hanse Haus led to the creation of an innovative Augmented Reality app, transforming how potential buyers experience and visualize prefabricated houses in a virtual 3D world.

  • 3D Home Experiences: Offers ten configurable prefab houses for a realistic virtual tour.
  • AR App: Allows immersive 3D visualization, helping users emotionally connect with their housing dreams.
  • Interactive Customization: Enables users to personalize their ideal prefab homes to their preferences.

This project showcases our commitment to leveraging advanced technologies to enhance product presentation and customer experience.

Visoric and GEA Farm Technologies: Innovative 3D-AR User Experience

Visoric’s partnership with GEA Farm Technologies has led to the development of a unique 3D-Augmented-Reality User Experience, taking product communication to a new level.

  • 3D X-ray View: Features a live product image combined with a 3D X-ray view on a rail-mounted monitor, revealing complex structures.
  • Real-time 3D Animation: Utilizes advanced animation for a consistently accurate perspective.
  • Gaming Technology: Employs gaming tech for an interactive, immersive user experience.

This project exemplifies our commitment to using innovative technologies to vividly explain our client’s unique selling points.

Visoric and the Brose Group: Award-Winning Innovation in Automotive Marketing

The collaboration between Visoric and the Brose Group, a top automotive supplier, led to an award-winning 3D digital asset library. This project, involving teams from both companies, transformed content creation, enhanced customer engagement, and reduced costs.

  • Challenge: Develop a comprehensive 3D digital product catalog to revolutionize marketing and improve customer experience.
  • Solution: Implemented Visoric’s 3D pipeline on Unity to create a versatile digital asset library for applications like virtual showrooms and mixed reality experiences.
  • Recognition: The project earned the prestigious German Idea Management Prize, highlighting our innovative strength and commitment.

This award-winning partnership exemplifies the impact of innovative technology in advancing automotive marketing.

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