Ulrich Buckenlei presents the Apple Vision Pro and XR Stager® at CREATIV CONNECT 2024

Ulrich Buckenlei presents the Apple Vision Pro and XR Stager® at CREATIV CONNECT 2024
Ulrich Buckenlei presents the Apple Vision Pro and XR Stager® platform at CREATIV CONNECT 2024

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Innovative Technologies in Focus

On July 17th, digital transformation expert Ulrich Buckenlei will demonstrate at CREATIV CONNECT 2024 how interactive applications can seamlessly connect the digital and real worlds. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to see how sketches transform into photorealistic 3D experiences. The event promises to offer valuable insights and practical tips for successful digital transformation.

Expert in Digital Innovation

With over 25 years of experience in driving innovation, Ulrich Buckenlei is a sought-after consultant for companies navigating the digital landscape. His expertise in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) has led to collaborations with industry giants such as Siemens, BMW, and Audi. Buckenlei has established himself as a luminary in digital strategies, helping companies master the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation.

Networking and Individual Consultation

In addition to presenting new technologies, Ulrich Buckenlei will be available for individual questions and will provide valuable first-hand tips. This event is an excellent opportunity to learn from one of the leading experts in the field and to network with other professionals.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity

Participating in CREATIV CONNECT 2024 offers a rare chance to delve into the world of 3D design and digital innovation. Secure your tickets now and benefit from the insights and experiences of the best in the industry. Visit https://creativconnect.pilounge.de/ for more information and to register.

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