Augmented Reality Twins for the IAA

Present progress sustainably and economically with the Visoric Augmented Reality Cloud.

Augmented Reality Twins for the IAA

Present progress sustainably and economically with the Visoric Augmented Reality Cloud.

Barrier-free Augmented Reality Twins for the IAA with Visoric AR-Cloud and Magic Leap2

The combination of technologies enables an impressive presentation of products at the IAA.

  • Realistic impression: IAA visitors get a precise impression of your innovations.
  • Flexibility: Products can be presented dynamically thanks to real-time configuration and visualization via the AR-Cloud.
  • Virtual in real space: Without the costs of a real prototype but still realistically present in the room – your product! Thanks to AR.

Advantages of real-time configuration with the Visoric AR Cloud

We offer Magic Leap users the opportunity to quickly and efficiently modify Digital Twins via the Visoric XR Stager Cloud Solution platform.

  • Efficiency: Real-time configuration increases the speed of work processes.
  • Error avoidance: Early detection and correction of errors save resources.
  • Changes immediately visible in real space: High adaptability in the work process.
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Hybrid and decentralized AR content management and distribution

The browser-based XR Stager Asset Manager provides easy access to the AR-Cloud from Visoric.

  • Platform independence: Accessible at any time and from any device.
  • Easy access: No installation necessary, saves time and storage space.
  • Low hardware requirements: No powerful computer necessary thanks to cloud technology.

AI supported Augmented Reality Applications

The Visoric XR Stager Cloud Solution platform allows for the easy augmentation of complex 3D models using the AI Material Editor.

  • User friendliness: Intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • Broad applicability: Usable across various fields of expertise.
  • Fast texturing: AI-supported material and texture creation.

The Visoric AR Team – Creates physical AR trade fair exhibits and virtual showrooms according to your wishes.

AR solutions for the IAA: Precise and custom-tailored

Our specially tailored AR solutions open up new dimensions for your product presentations. Immerse yourself in a combination of detailed representations of your products, virtual experiences, and technical demonstrations in an interactive AR environment.

Directly at the pulse of time: With AR-Mobility UX to the IAA

With our AR experiences tailored to you, we bring the future of mobility to life. They allow you to view your products from all perspectives, discover innovative features, and experience new technologies up close – all in our virtual showroom.

Immersing in new realities: Augmented Reality for the IAA

Experience the impressive immersion of the IAA with our AR solutions. Step into our virtual showroom and let yourself be convinced by the realistic representation, the detail accuracy, and the interactive character of our AR experiences.

Experience the IAA in a new way: Augmented Reality changes the horizon

The shift to the digital world is unstoppable and also changes the way we present products. The Visoric Augmented Reality Cloud offers you the opportunity to use this revolution for your presentations at the IAA.
Create digital twins of your products and present them impressively in augmented reality. This new technology not only helps you to represent your products more realistically, but also enables sustainable and economical presentations.

Our team of XR experts is on hand to explain the possibilities of this emerging technology and to support you in implementing your visions.

Sustainable with 3D XR at the IAA

With top-notch service and professionalism from the Visoric XR specialists in Munich!

We value preservation and sustainability. We integrate sustainability into every stage of our processes and services. From the creation of multifunctional and reusable digital twins to cross-disciplinary applications using our specially developed XR pipeline, which is free for qualified Visoric customers. Discover the sustainable and exciting future of mobility.

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3D Experience at the IAA

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of real-time 3D mobility with our Munich XR team!

Thanks to our Munich XR team, experience novel 3D vehicle presentations, all without a headset. With the innovative technology of the Looking Glass Holographic Displays, the future of mobility becomes visible and tangible. Interact up close with the breathtaking 3D models, discover the finest details. Our solutions, already successfully used by OEMs, are revolutionizing the trade fair experience at the IAA.

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IAA Meets Holoportation

Real-time data processing and output open up new possibilities. We are happy to advise you.

Experience a new era at the IAA with our partner, the event expert Pave, and us, Visoric from Munich: The Proto Hologram. Your digital twins life-like and realistic in full splendor – accurate, interactive and close. No headset needed. You have never been so close to the details of your vehicles. Dive into the exciting future of mobility presentations.

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VR Showrooms for the IAA

Our expert in 3D programming and design will show you the future.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of VR showrooms for the IAA. Experience immersive and interactive presentations that bring your products to life in innovative ways. With custom-made VR solutions, we create an impressive experience that excites your customers and gives you a competitive advantage. Use the power of virtual reality to take your IAA presence to a new level.

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