IAA 3D Experience that Moves

Our goal for you: Best Experience and Best Service at the Exhibit. Impress your audience.

IAA 3D Experience that Moves

Our goal for you: Best Experience and Best Service at the Exhibit. Impress your audience

Perfect Symbiosis of 3D Asset Management and the Looking Glass

Experience a new dimension of 3D product presentation with the Looking Glass. Seamlessly connect the XR Stager Asset Management with this holographic display to create an impressive, interactive representation of your digital twins.

  • 3D Asset Integration: Seamless integration of your 3D models from the XR Stager Asset Manager to the Looking Glass.
  • Interactive Presentation: Impress your audience with lifelike, interactive representations of your products.
  • User-Friendly: Easy operation and quick adjustments directly through your web browser.

Interactive Product Catalogs with AR Feature: Innovation for Sales

Harness the power of augmented realities with our interactive product catalogs that have an integrated AR feature. Enable your customers to experience and interact with your products in their own environment.

  • Augmented Realities: Use the AR feature to present your products in an innovative way.
  • Customer Engagement: Provide your customers with an immersive product experience that excites and engages them.
  • Sales Efficiency: Take advantage of digital technologies to achieve your sales goals more effectively.

3D Stereo Laptop in 4K: Mobile Solution for Impressive Presentations

Offer an impressive 3D experience that fits in any briefcase with our 4K 3D Stereo Laptop. Thanks to the connection to the XR Stager Cloud, you always have access to the latest data, anytime and anywhere.

  • Mobility: Experience high-resolution 3D models directly on your laptop, wherever you are.
  • Current Data: Thanks to the connection to the XR Stager Cloud, your data is always up to date and accessible.
  • Practical Application: Simple and intuitive operation for effective product presentations.

From the 3D iPhone App to the Showroom with a Huge LED Wall

We design and implement your virtual experience – sustainable and impressive. From the interactive 3D product experience on the iPhone to the complete outfitting of your showroom with large-format LED walls.

  • Custom Solutions: From the mobile app to the large-scale showroom – we offer solutions that are perfectly tailored to your needs.
  • Sustainability: Minimize your ecological footprint through the use of virtual technologies.
  • Partnership with Pave GmbH: Benefit from our collaboration with one of the leading event technology partners.

Visoric XR and Pave Event Technology – Your strong partner for unforgettable trade fair experiences.

Experience Visoric Extended Reality 3D Mobility Anew: Your Key to the IAA!

Explore the 3D world of mobility at the IAA with our Munich XR team! Discover innovative vehicle presentations – without the need for a headset. Our revolutionary Looking Glass Holographic Display technology makes the future of mobility tangible. Experience the breathtaking details of the 3D models up close. Our proven solutions, already appreciated by OEMs, transform the trade fair experience. Dive into an immersive 3D experience with us.

Sustainably with 3D XR at the IAA

With top-notch service and professionalism from the Visoric XR specialists in Munich!

Value preservation and sustainability are close to our hearts. We integrate sustainability at every stage of our processes and services. From creating multifunctional and reusable digital twins to cross-disciplinary application through our specially developed XR pipeline, which is free for qualified Visoric customers. Discover the sustainable and exciting future of mobility. Trust our experience, as many leading OEMs and service providers do. Contact our expert team now, we are happy to advise you.

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IAA Meets Holoportation

Real-time data processing and playback open up new possibilities. We are happy to advise you.

Experience a new era at the IAA with our partner, the event expert Pave, and us, Visoric from Munich: The Proto Hologram. Your digital twins lifelike and realistic in full glory – detailed, interactive, and close. No headset required. You have never been so close to the details of your vehicles. Immerse yourself in the exciting future of mobility presentations. Trust our experience. Shape a more sustainable future with us. We are happy to advise you.

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Enrich Your IAA Story

Discover Augmented Reality for Your Mobility Event. Our experts are at your side.

With the right hardware, in-depth technology knowledge, and our AR cloud solutions, we enable you to project captivating Digital Twins such as vehicle models directly into the field of view of the AR glasses. Experience an interactive and impressive event that captivates your audience and showcases your products in an innovative way. Rely on the expertise of Visoric and partners to design an irresistible exhibition stand.

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VR Showrooms at IAA

Our 3D Programming and Design Expert Shows You the Future.

Dive into the fascinating world of VR Showrooms at the IAA. Experience immersive and interactive presentations that bring your products to life in an innovative way. With tailor-made VR solutions, we create an impressive experience that delights your customers and gives you a competitive advantage. Utilize the power of virtual reality to elevate your IAA presence to a new level.

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